Beach Weekend

Monday, May 20, 2013

We had such an awesome weekend at the beach! It was crazy busy but filled with lots of fun and I can't wait to go back for Memorial Day and do it all over again! We cruised down to my family's beach house with another couple and their kiddos and spent the weekend running on the beach trail, drinking starbucks, hanging out at the beach, paddle boarding, bike riding, and swimming in the pool. The kids were SO good and despite the nasty beach bum rash B brought home she had a blast!

hot tub 'n' bubbly
paddle board champs (they must workout) ;)
good friends
our little fam

mesmerized by the beach

We had a wonderful time with our friends who spoiled us WAY too much! This next weekend we are headed to the beach again with M's family. Looking forward to more sunshine and great friends! 
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  1. Love her suits!! And that bike seat - where is it from?! We live at the beach and need one. :)


    1. the bike seat was from amazon! here is the link...

  2. Ok, your pics are so adorable. I'm going to get the app now. I think I need it!!! Looks like so much fun! We're headed to the beach this weekend. But I don't think it will be beach weather on the east coast. :(

  3. target...they were the only ones left! however she used to have an awesome pair of "babiators" that we lost. :(

  4. Such a fun weekend! You look fantastic btw!

  5. Where did you get that seat for the bike? So cool! I need one for my son!


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