Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gasp! Is it Mother's Day already?! Time to get crackin' on getting mom a gift! My mom is not your typical girly girl (hard to believe if you know me) but after shaking her down for some gift ideas this is what we I came up with...

for your mom

1. {Pictures} this may be the biggest cop out ever but when it doubt slap a picture of yourself (and baby if you have one) in a frame and call it done.

2. {movies} les miserables is like the end all be all movie according to my mom

3. {flowers} again...easiest gift ever! especially since roses are in bloom at our house! ;)

4. {workout gear} my mom is tall so she loves the length of this top

5. {pedicure} you don't have to be a rocket scientist to get this one right

6. {jewelry}i know my mom isn't super girly but she does like to wear earrings. these earrings go with everything!

7. {blouse}my tall mama loves her long tunics!


for the younger mom (aka me)

1. {make up} fresh sugar lip balm in honey

2.{flats} Tory Burch flats (size 7)

3.{workout gear} lululemon top (size 6)

4. {make up} fresh sugar lip balm in petal

5. {jewelry} gorjana bracelet

6. {sunglasses} polarized ray bans

7.{sunglasses} trendy O frames

8. {perfume} amazing grace hand lotion

9. {workout gear} lululemon pants (size 6 in case my hubby wants to know)

I hope M appreciates the second birthday list I created here...took a lot of time and effort, honey! I'll act real surprised if one of these winds up next to my breakfast in bed on Sunday morning. Oh and btw I want this for breaky. I already bought all the ingredients. Practically made them for myself. K thanks. :)


  1. Bahaha! Too funny! I've found that at this point in our marriage, strong hints are necessary to have a good holiday!! ;)

  2. Thanks for linking to my pancakes! They're super delicious. I kinda wish I were a mother so I could hint at someone to make them for me. ;)


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