NE Years Tradition

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A couple years ago we went cross country skiing and had so much fun that we decided to go again with some newbies. The newbies being my brothers and their significant others :). We had so much fun although I do have to say my bum is very sore. Totally worth it!

It was so beautiful and there was hardly anyone there. We did our fair share of falling domino style (don't worry M is making a video of it) but I like to think we got better as the day went on. Or maybe just more confident? Either way it was awesome and we would like to make it a tradition! What did you do for New Year's Day?

PS I know I resolved to not take so many iPhone pics but when your skiing you don't really want to haul around your SLR.

Oh, and thanks Lala for watching B! Praise God for celery!


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