Birthday Planning

Friday, January 11, 2013

It's crazy how carried away I you can get with planning a first birthday party. I mean if you had an endless budget, as with all things, it could be so over the top fabulous. I'm trying to find the balance between glam and girly yet functional for a one year old. There will be many a child running around at Blair's party and I don't want to be worried about things getting ruined but I also want it to be adorable. Glam but functional. Hmmm I have never seen those two words together...

Yesterday I ordered Blair's cake and also picked up some fun things at a craft store to make a banner and table decor with. Her "theme" is really just the colors pink and gold with a bit of the ombre effect pulled in. So far here is what I've got:


Can't decide between these two. I love the gold dots on the first one but I like that the second one has a photo. Let's be real...B usually rocks the camera so we're probably going with option 2. ;)


So B's cake will be shaped like the second picture. It will be pink ombre inside with pink fondant on the outside. However hers will have gold fondant dots and a big gold bow on top like the first picture. Swoon! Also I think I talked my mother-in-law into helping me make the cake pops pictured. I want to display them in long rectangular gold vases filled with gold glitter.


Table cloths will be light pink and I plan on dipping my own mason jars (that I used for this bridal shower) in gold paint. I plan on getting the flowers the night before at Costco. I would also like to have a "dessert table" and "sandwich table" with pink and gold balloons tied to the back.


I'm off to a good start but I definitely need to get my crafting panties on and get serious! My BFF's are flying down from northern California and I am SO relieved because I will be needing some serious help! We are having the party at our church to accommodate all the guests (B is pretty popular) and we can't set up till the day of! Yikes! It will be lots of fun though...can't wait!

PS M says that first birthday parties are more for the mom than the baby. How rude true...

my first pony (tail)


  1. Love all your plans so far, and I absolutely LOVE the color scheme!!! So fun! Can't wait to see all the pictures!! Can't believe it's almost that time for us too?!?

  2. Love the ideas! I like the first invite (similarish to the direction im going), but I think the 2nd would be so cohesive with your monthly photos of B on her chevron rug. A perfect little tie-in!

  3. Haha. How true that is?! Enjoy!! I love all the details--especially love the collage of photos in the number of her age! Adorable.

  4. My daughter is only 5 months and I've already started pinning/ planning her party! Love all your ideas!

  5. Love your game plan, color scheme and cake and all! Very excited for the party pictures :)

  6. So cute! I love the picture "one". Is it bad that I want to start planning my four month old's first birthday now?! :)

  7. So fun! All your ideas are great- cant wait to see it. Wish I could come! hehe:) Costco's flowers are actually awesome...I always get my flowers there the day before parties, too!!


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