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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's been a while since I've done a motherhood Monday post due to the craziness of the holidays but we're back on track now! And on Friday Blair turned 10 months. Seriously?! Check out what she is (and isn't doing) at 10 months...


me and my jammies. blech.
 Luckily B hasn't gotten sick again since her first cold at 9 months. However, her Mama had a nasty 24 hour flu on Friday. And let me tell you...taking care of a baby while nauseous is NO FUN. Also, I will not be eating any type of sausage anytime soon (being the last thing I ate before the flu. yuck.). I'm praying B doesn't get it. Other than that B still doesn't have ANY teeth! She sure is a drool monster though so maybe they are coming?

got a weather shield for the BOB since it's been SO cold! she looks like a space baby. :)
 Oh this last month has been a dream. B has been going to bed at 7 and waking up at 7. It's glorious! For the most part she naps around 9am and then again around 1pm. I usually get about 1-2 hours out of each nap. She typically stays awake for about 2 hours (depending on what we are doing) and then is ready for night night. Most days she is still taking three naps and some days four! 

chompin on a carrot at the country club
again with gma and gpa
 The girl loves to eat like her Mama! She is still nursing when I remember every 3-4 hours. Such a change from the beginning when she was on such a tight schedule. She loves holding my thumb while nursing (so sweet) and at night before bed when she's done she rests her head on my shoulder and sucks her thumb. Melt. My. Heart. <3 p="p">
She is digging solids and had her first filet mignon as I mentioned here. She tried a smidge of pasta sauce with some noodles the other night. Gotta be careful with the acidity of tomatoes though.

me, B, and brooke
carlsbad was gorgeous

she's totally into sticking out her tongue lately

On Friday before the stomach bug came on full force I drove down to Carlsbad to visit a friend. The beach was beautiful but I was so glad that I left when I did or else the drive home would have gotten real ugly real fast. :( Also, B has been hanging out with her Aunt Lisa (M's sis) who has been visiting us from Montana. It's been very fun for her to have a play mate!

her new favorite keys from target

This section is getting pretty boring. Not because B doesn't cry but because she is so predictable to as when she will let loose. She still hates getting her diaper changed and cries and now kicks as hard as she can. She also cries when she is tired. Oh, and gets fussy if you don't feed her fast enough. Legitimate reasons, right?

Speaking of diaper changes the inevitable happened. B rolled off the changing pad. HORRIBLE mom, right? She is so all over the place lately (this actually happened a few weeks ago) and I was grabbing a diaper out of her bag and before I knew it she was headed south. Instinct had me reach and grab her arm (lucky I didn't pull the dang thing out of her socket) which swung her bum beneath her. She landed on her feet/bum but she was pretty upset. Needless to say I felt AWFUL. Lots of kisses were given that day. And maybe a new toy was purchased at Target... :(
what i'm dealing with. she will hate me for this picture. her rolls are better than mine.
i knew it was too quiet so i checked on the little stinker and there she was sittin up like a champ

M's make shift straw

And we are still not crawling. Sigh. I swear this will never happen. She is, however, standing A LOT now and even transferring from one toy to the next while standing. And the other day I caught her sitting up in her bed on the monitor so I guess she knows how to go from laying down to sitting up. She also learned how to drink from a straw thanks to her Dada who helped her at Chic-Fil-A the other day. (I'm a sucker for their char grilled chicken sandwich).

It's not a milestone but lately she loves playing with the lights/buttons on the oven. Cheap entertainment.
gettin her oven fix.

Aside from the stomach bug nothing new to report here. I've been pretty good about taking "real" pictures from my NY resolutions. I've also been reading before bed instead of facebooking and instagramming and I have to say I like it! Oh, and my Aunt and I have been playing a lot at my house lately decorating and re-decorating which has been very fun. I'll have to show you the updates this week. Today B and I are headed to a music class with other babies. I'm sure she will love it although it will likely include embarrassing things for mom to participate in. The price you pay for doing what your kids love... 


  1. I'm a fan of your Motherhood Monday posts! Especially since our daughters are just 2 months apart. Jealous of her sleep schedule! Not sure if it is because of teething or colds, but we're having difficulty in that area. Thanks for sharing!

  2. the picture of b with her new keys is the best...her eyes are beautiful! and her sleep schedule is AMAZING! my little guy sleeps 630 - 7 and doesn't it feel amazing? i am enjoying it before our #2 comes along and i won't be able to get a 9 hour stretch for myself at night!


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