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Monday, January 28, 2013

First of all shout out to my little brother who turned 19 yesterday! On my birthday in April we will be ten years apart! (yes that makes me ALMOST 30 this year! what?!)

i do not know who this baby is

Oy. We had a tough week. Blair was teething like made in the beginning of the week. Fussy, not sleeping well, etc. Then towards the end of the week her nose started running like a faucet. All clear boogies so I'm wondering if it's related to the teething? It doesn't seem to be slowing her down at all and she's still eating/nursing like a champ. I did take her to the doctor just to be sure she was teething and didn't have an ear infection and he said she was fine.

I forgot how good I had it when she was sleeping 7-7. I think God allows us crappy weeks of sleep just so I can be reminded of what a blessing it is to have a good sleeper. ;) I think we turned the corner though. Last night she slept till 6:40 am which is so much better than the 5 am wake up call we were getting. She was starting to wake up at 10pm and 1pm and since she was teething I was letting her nurse but we nipped that in the bud last night by just having Dada go in and soothe her. I'm hopeful that tonight we won't have any wake ups. Naps have been good still. 

The girl loves her meat. And she doesn't discriminate! She likes steak, fish, turkey, and chicken. Last week I made a super healthy turkey meatloaf recipe found here and baby girl gobbled it all up! 

mother Theresa, pharoh-pharoh, or bob marley. you pick.

Still crying off and on when her teeth are hurting. 


On Saturday night she stayed up late at a dinner party that my friend's parents threw. I said she behaved marginally, they said she was great. ;) She also hung out with her grampa while Mama and Dada went to church on Sunday night. Not to mention all the shopping she's been doing with Lala and Mama at Homegoods (totally addicted). Today she is going to music class again and we invited some of her friends along. Should be really fun! 


She is still perfecting her dance moves and clapping skills. I'm hoping music class aides in this. She started motioning that she wants "more" when I'm feeding her finger foods by doing what looks like a hand motion for "come here." It's really cute and I did happen to get a really low quality video of her doing it in the car...

Also she is quite professional at sitting up in her crib now whenever she wants. It cracks me up every time I see her doing it.

{post partum}
I finally got some batteries in my scale and weighed myself after the holidays. I'm usually not one to gloat but I actually LOST a pound or two. So I did what any girl would do to celebrate...
i got my girl scout cookie on


  1. The video is so cute! Love that she's making all sorts of hand movements! I can't wait for E to become more interactive like that! And major kudos to you for losing weight! I'm impressed! ;)

  2. I love her blue/white stripped sweater with the heart! Perfect for Valentine's Day! I cannot wait to dress my little girl in cute outfits!

  3. Of course you should celebrate with Girl Scout Cookies! Hope the teething is getting better, teeth are NO fun!! LOVE baby girls cute heart romper!! Adorable, and that pic with her shirt on her head...priceless! Happy Monday!

  4. Adorable! She is so cute! And I want her heart sweater! Love that you got all those cookies--they the peanut butter and somoas are my favorites! Trying not to buy any this year--we will see if that actually happens!

  5. Aww. So cute. I love the video of her asking for more! I am 8 months pregnant right now and I totally took advantage of the Girl Scout cookie sale...20 boxes to be exact. Crazy!


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