We're All Booked Up

Friday, December 21, 2012

Lately I've been reading a lot of about the tradition of wrapping Christmas books and having your kiddo pick one every night to read. Super cute idea but I can't say I've been diligent about it with B this year. Next year for sure. (I keep saying that about everything...) However, being an ex Kindergarten/First grade teacher means I have quite a little stash of books already. Here are some of my favorite Christmas books that I have been reading to B and look forward to sharing with her in years to come...

hoping to add this one to our collection someday

and this one

These books would put any kid's library off to a good start! This weekend we are hanging out with my brother and his wife and getting last minute Christmas plans in place. B plans on visiting Santa on Saturday and hopefully it goes as well as this did.



  1. omg natalie i love your photos
    beautiful just beautiful

    omg that blair sandwich is my favorite:)

  2. Love the photos & love the book ideas. I am due in March, so I love reading about different book ideas for my little one! :)
    Merry Christmas!!


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