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Monday, December 3, 2012

The only other time that I can remember being this tired was when B was a newborn. At nine months she caught her first cold. Which then led to an ear infection. Which meant she was too uncomfortable to sleep horizontally in her bed. Which resulted in Mama holding her upright almost all night so she could sleep (Dada was sick) and then Dad taking his turn the following night once he was better. Teamwork. It's the only way you can survive babyhood I've decided. I just don't know how single moms and dads do it. I have total and utter admiration for them.

Here are some facts about a sick baby (if you haven't had one yet beware)

1. You get no very little sleep due to worrying or the crying baby

2. Your house is a mess because when the baby actually does sleep you do too

3. Babies on antibiotics have nasty runny poops

4. You will need to stock up on saline drops, Tylenol, and probiotics. Also make sure you have an amazing aspirator for the crazy boogies they get.

5. Showering with baby helps relieve the boogies.

6. Vapor rub on chest and feet relieves congestion.

7. You won't want to take her to church or bible study because you will have the fear that she will get sick again :(

8. Get a mother in law who will watch the above baby while you catch up on Zs. (Thank you!)

9. Get a mom who will cook you soup for dinner (thank you!)

I think on thursday I will have to do a feature on what items are best for a sick baby. That would have been nice to know before this hit...


She was weighed at her doctor appointment and has only gained a few ounces since her six month check up. That means in three months she has hardly gained at all which is probably normal since she's kind of more active...


Seriously how cute is she waving?
Got her first cold. And ear infection. See above.


Not sleeping due to aforementioned cold. :( However with the antibiotics I have seen improvement. Thank goodness.


She had her first taste of yobaby yogurt to help put some good bacteria back into her tummy. She loved it! She has started eating a lot more at each meal. Anywhere from 4-6 ounces.


I have the fear of the church day cares now... We skipped Sunday. Mostly because we are all still recovering. Yes, that's right. We were ALL sick. :( we did make it to a friends first birthday party but B had to watch from her bjorn.


Lots of general fussiness when baby is so stuffed up she can't nurse.


She survived her first cold. She is getting really good at saying mama.

Post partum

Our room
We had a great evening at the mission inn for Matt's work party. Thanks to my mother in law we were able to stay the night while she watched the sick babe. SO nice! The party was a lot of fun and I was able to wear my bedazzled shoes which made me happy :)




  1. Aww poor B, glad she's on the mend. A started looking like she was getting a cold, but must of fought it off- looks like I caught it instead!!

  2. Oh man, I can only imagine how hard it must be having a sick child! Poor little B! But that pic of her waving is SOOO sweet! Love that!!


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