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Friday, December 7, 2012

Earlier this week I talked about B having her first cold and ear infection. Man did I wish I was more prepared for that one! Here are the things I frantically purchased and/or appreciated during that dreadful week...

I haven't used this yet. Seems gross but has incredible reviews!
Graco humidifier. Bought this before the cold. Glad I did!

Rubbed this on her chest and feet to ease congestion

Saline drops to unclog nose
Decongestant drops for more intense nose clogs
And the mother of all furniture. We rocked B in this and it allowed her to sleep upright. She wouldn't sleep laying down because it hurt her ear. It kind of allowed us to sleep too.

I didn't use this but stumbled upon it and am intrigued. Anyone ever try it?
Well there you have it. Those items were lifesavers for our sick babe. I recommend you get them BEFORE the cold strikes... But we survived. Here we are now...


Shoe challenge: target heels


  1. You will not regret the nosefrida! Before I cut dairy, A was always congested so I would use the saline drops and the 'snotsucker'. Now I def recommend using it with Boogy Wipes, they grab the boogies that come out so easily so I don't have to keep using the nosefrida, which of course, she hates.

  2. Is that a headboard I see??? Where's the blog post about that?!

  3. We use the California baby bubble bath. We love it! I don't know if it "helps" the cold but it makes great bubbles and smells great.

  4. I added these items to my baby registry! Thanks for the advice! I agree with you...better to have them before the cold strikes! Glad Blair is feeling better!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear she's still feeling lousy! I've made a point to update my registry with the items you've listed. Hopefully they won't be needed for a while post-birth, but at least I'll have them on hand/easily accessible. Feel better Blair! p.s. Love love love your blouse!


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