Adios 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Re-cap

This has been by far the biggest year of my life! If you think getting married is serious business try having a baby! That's just what we did and boy was it life changing. In a good way of course! :) I think other events happened this year but it will be hard for me to come up with many things that don't revolve around baby! Let's take a look...


We went to Maui for our babymoon.

My friend Carrie threw me a gorgeous baby shower.


I had another lovely baby shower.

We got the keys to our new home.


Blair Olivia Bushman was born five weeks early...

...the same day we moved into our new home.


I celebrated my 28th birthday as a new mom.

I celebrated my 1st blogiversary.

Blair had her 1st photo sesh.


I celebrated my first Mother's Day.

Blair had her first beach trip and wore a bikini. :)


We re-landscaped our front yard.

I wore a bikini for the first time post baby.


I started using cloth diapers.

Blair had her 3 month photo sesh.


We spent a lot of time at the beach.


Blair had her 6 month photo sesh. 

I started making my own baby food.


I began my shoe challenge.

We celebrated B's first Halloween.


I ran my first half marathon. 

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving. 


I made the famous Peanut Butter Balls.

We celebrated our first Christmas with baby.

here are the rest of our Christmas photos

As you can see pretty much everything in our life revolves around baby now. But I guess that's what is supposed to happen when you have a baby! I used to blog about fashion, recipes, vacations, indoor decor etc. but am finding more and more this has become a full blown baby explosion over here. Which, quite honestly, I have found people really like! So while I will still attempt to write about non-baby things, it seems that the baby is what keeps people coming back for more! Here's to a fabulous 2013!!!


  1. I am new to your blog---but holy cow--What an AMAZING year! Congratulations on all your wonderful blessings for 2012. Love the photo of the pumpkin! Too funny. Also, can totally relate on the shoe-fedish. Haha. I do think you have me beat--but I love it.

    Hope 2013 is even better!

  2. LOVE this recap and following along every day! Such an amazing year for you and your family!! Can't wait for 2013!!

  3. What an amazing journey you have been on this year! I have just stumbled upon your blog and am SO happy that I have.....I am just starting out so love to get inspiration from blogs I love to read


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