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Monday, December 10, 2012

This weekend we had a great time with Matt's parents in the desert. They have a condo in Palm Springs and we went hiking, ate delicious food, and walked "the strip." We also took some pretty amazing naps since we weren't home and didn't feel obligated to get stuff done. :)


We had our nine month check up and baby girl is doin just fine. She's still got a huge head (95%) and is quite short (10%) but thankfully is slowing down on the weight gain (50%). She rang in at 18 pounds. She didn't need any shots but had to have her blood drawn to look for lead and check her red/white blood cell count etc. That was awful! I had to hold her down while the nurse searched for her vein. She cried bloody murder but I was brave...

He said not to worry about her lack of crawling and standing. She's perfectly capable but prefers to sit on her bum. He reminded me that she was five weeks early but still...


Shout out to the 70s at the Palm Springs condo :)
Still going to bed between 6-7 but oy! Waking up at 5:30 no matter what time I put her down. I try to let her fuss till six am but it's hard. I'm really trying to keep her up till seven and hope she starts sleeping till six. I can deal with six. Anything before kills me.


Doctor gave us the go ahead for meat. She ate chicken and mamas milk and no surprise she downed it!


She went hiking for 2.5 hours this weekend in Palm Springs! She loved every minute of it and only slept for 15 minutes while on dads back. Such a trooper.

She hung out in the cry room with her old friends on Sunday since she is still recovering from her cold. I didn't want to spread the love. :) she watched her friends crawl around and sat happily on her bum. :)


Cries when tired or getting her diaper changed. Or when she wakes up and is greeted by someone she's not used too. Or when her blood is drawn (can you blame her?) She also gave my friend Lynnea a cry when I went to the restroom at church and left her with her. Oops.


Starting to enjoy crawling on her daddy. She lays over his torso and pushes up with her legs. Lately she has also been digging buttons. She picks at the buttons on my shirt, Matt's shirt, our couches etc.

Post partum

We had a great time hiking and it felt good to get back in the great outdoors.

A desert Christmas tree

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