Thursday's Things for Baby

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Next week B will be six months and I'm anticipating that her pediatrician will give us the green light for solids! So with that coming I decided to feature some of my hopefully soon to be favorite baby feeding itemizing.

the baby bullet

avocado puree...what i plan on her first food being

the baby bullet cook helpful!

her svann high chair that converts to an adult chair

test run with dada

baby bjorn dish

munchin spoons


  1. Good luck with solids! My friend used the baby bullet and loved it! I have the Beaba baby food maker waiting for us, can't wait!

    Oh and love the high chair, I have similar ones on our wish list! So pretty

  2. Very interested in how you like this and how she does ! Already thinking ahead and mine isn't here for 2 months :)


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