Pulling Your Chain

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last weekend I forced asked Matt to do a few things around the house. Some of our drawers did not have "pulls" on them when we moved in. I found some that I liked at homedepot.com and M installed them for me. I also ran across some darling pulls at Anthropologie (of course) that I had to get for B's room. Here are out befores and afters below. The first shots are in our junk area buffet. Next comes the laundry room, followed by B's room.



We aren't quite done with the laundry room. The drawer we left without a handle is a faux drawer and butts up to the sink. We haven't figured out how to attach a handle without drilling into the sink. We're thinking some kind of super glue...

I'm not a fan of the cupboards pulls in the buffet but haven't found a replacement yet for those. I'm still wanting to paint our oak cabinets a creamy white...

Notice how Bella sneaks into my pictures...she loves to be where we are and insists on following us around the house while we work. Love her. :)

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  1. I have seen some creative things done to that faux drawer. I have seen people put decorative applique (look in home improvement in ebay). Or have seen people stencil the drawer front or put paint-able wallpaper on it. Possiblities are endless, i just tagged you on idea i saw on pinterest for a visual.


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