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Monday, August 6, 2012

My baby girl turned five months on Saturday! Since we're not at home we didn't take her five month picture yet but for now we have plenty of others to use till then. Here is what B is up to now...

- rolling over both ways...finally!

- loves sucking her hands

- waking up twice at night :(

- smiling all the time

- laughing when daddy plays "super baby" with her. Its SO cute!

- napping on her tummy at the beach

- loving evening walks in the bjorn

We are at the beach till next Sunday and I never want it to end! Especially since Matt is taking the week off. It's been soooo nice having help throughout the day. I'm soaking it all up!

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  1. B is so cute! Can't believe she's already FIVE months!! Where does the time go???


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