Motherhood Monday's

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I decided after reading many other mamas blogs that I need to be more organized with my Motherhood Mondays. I was really good at being organized during Maternity Mondays so I know it's possible!

B is 24 weeks old...almost 6 months! I distinctly remember shopping with her at H&M when she was about 12 weeks and seeing a mom who looked like she had it all together. I asked her how old her baby was and she said "6 months." She pitied me and said "it gets better." I'm happy to report that I'm there now and it has gotten better! Better and different. There will always be some struggle surely but I feel more confident now as a mom. And here is our weekly update...

 Nothing official. I'm thinking she's around 17 pounds? Super chunk. We don't call her lil meatball for nothin'!
love me some baby thighs

Still hasn't had a cold yet but she sure seems to be teething! Major drool, aggressive chewing, ear batting, and a general whineyness have set in. So far I've given her teething tablets that are "all natural" and some baby Orajel. She digs the flavor of the Orajel. :)

Nighttime sleep is no problem. She wakes once at night to eat and goes right back down afterwards. It's the naps that I am STILL fighting her on. I think part of it is a lack of consistency on my end. Some days I want to go to the beach and am not willing to stay home just so she can practice napping! Call me selfish. It's how I stay sane.

She is wearing anything from 6-9 months. Stop growing like a weed please!

This week we have a shopping date on Thursday and Friday we are heading down to the beach one last time for the summer. Oh, and Sundays she hangs with her pals in the cry room at church. Where ironically not that much crying happens because church is fun! 

100% breast milk. I gotta say I'm kinda proud that I made it six months solely on milk. I read in a parents magazine that only 15% of babies/moms make it this far. I feel blessed to have her so healthy and lovin' mama's milk!

Baby Gear
She loves her jumparoo and Bumbo (not Bimbo, Mom). She's also taking a keen liking to her crib bumper. LOL. She lays in bed at night and touches it and talks to it till she falls asleep. Cute and weird.

B is really generally happy. Unless it's nap time. Then there is crying. Lots of crying...

Post Partum
Back to my pre-prego weight. Which is good but I still should lose a few more. But can we talk about the amount of hair I'm losing now?! So sad. They say 50-100 hairs a day is normal. I'm probably at about 500. No joke.

Well, she's not sleeping through the night. Or sitting up. Or crawling. But she is maybe getting some teeth. Does that count? She is rolling over. Oh, and on September 5 she will start on solids after her 6 month check up!

PS a big THANK YOU to Strawberry Swing and other Things for letting me borrow steal your headings. :)


  1. Aw no problem Natalie, I love reading what the babies are all doing each week!

    1. Oh and can we talk about how similar A and B are?? The jumperoo pic could have come straight from my last post, even the pillow is similar! LOL... I'm thinking we are starting to show some early teething signals too, no teeth yet though, I'm not ready for that gummy smile to fill up w big girl teeth!!

  2. It's amazing how fast they grow. I had a newborn then all of a sudden I have an 18 month old! :)

  3. LOVE the update!! She is so all her rolls! And so awesome that you've gotten to 6 months on BFing alone! Go mama!!


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