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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ande and Blair
Yesterday B and I went on our weekly play date with some other mommies. We went out to lunch and B had the blowout of the century. I even quipped before I nursed her, "B always blows out when I nurse her without the boppy..." And low and behold... major blowout. I should have known! So I learned a couple things yesterday

1. always bring extra clothes... for ME (poop ALL over my skirt)
2. baby poop actually can drip
3. restaurant owners would prefer that I carry a dripping pooping baby through their whole restaurant instead of taking care of the problem asap...sigh. I did what I thought was the lesser of two evils.

Despite her mess I still had a great time and when I got home B slept in her swing for two hours! Hallelujah!

I decided that I wanted to keep a monthly journal about B so I can look back and add it to her scrapbook when I get around to it (never!?).

- reciprocating smiles
- lots of talking/cooing
- noticing herself in the mirror
- enjoys looking at other babies (hence above!)
- plays by herself on her play mat for 30 minutes plus
- one overnight feed
- less daytime napping
- enjoys her swing, the pool, baths, walks, being outside, errands, ceiling fans, and anything with contrast

B after she enjoyed a long bath. :)

Today we are going to Huntington Beach again to pick up my brother from his senior trip. Looks like another day of lounging at the beach is in order!


  1. The picture of Blair are adorable! I love the ones of her after a bath. So cute! Have fun today with your mom!

  2. Oh the things to look forward to...blow outs and all! ;) Glad you made it through that incident and you can to enjoy some R&R on the beach today!!

  3. We used to go to Coco's like 2 times a week because they constantly had ceiling fans on. The hostess would take us to our seat and we would politely say "no! We need a fan!" haha! Whatever makes them happy is fine with me!


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