Day Trip: Huntington Beach

Monday, June 11, 2012

On Friday my mom and I dropped my youngest brother off at Huntington Beach for his senior high school graduation trip. We stayed at the Hilton the whole day and lived the good life! We ate lunch by the pool and then laid out for the majority of the day (B slept the whole time!!!). Later we walked to main street and my mom treated us to dinner for two (or three I guess) at Dukes. SUCH a delicious meal! B was awake during dinner but SO content watching the ceiling fans they had going. Fans are totally her thing... she's obsessed with them! It cracks us all up.

grammie and B at lunch

don't mind if i do (breast feeding calories are pure joy!)

relaxin mama

relaxin baby

strollin on the pier before dinner

lattes on the boardwalk (soy milk for me of course)
And we're doing this all over again Wednesday when we go back to pick up my brother. :)

Today my mom and father-in-law are helping me clean out my classroom. Once again I am laid off. We will see if next year I get my job back. This may be a blessing in disguise...

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  1. Looks like a great that you got out in the fresh air and so funny about ceiling fans! Got to check that out!


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