Life's a beach

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yesterday I went to Newport beach with B and my friend Rikki on a whim. I am the least spontaneous person you will ever meet so this was a big step for me, especially with a baby! We had a great time though and B was such a good girl. We may have a repeat beach day on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to it!


Me and Rikki

My little meatball

Happy in her cabana

This is what I'm talking about! Asleep in the shade while mommy gets her tan on. :) enjoy your Monday! I have a yard reveal for tomorrow! Pretty excited!


  1. Awww B looks so cute in her bathing suit! Glad you had fun in Newport!! Sounds amazing!

  2. Her bathing suit is adorable!!!! It was a beautiful day in NB yesterday! Glad you enjoyed the day!

  3. All of Baby B's swim suits are super adorable!! My friends and I had the same idea, but it was a spontaneous lake trip!


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