I Know Covetting is Wrong but...

Friday, June 29, 2012

I am totally obsessing over this home. I'm so excited about today's post! So, my friend Marie and I have known each other for a very long time. I recently met up with her at her new home to go for an evening walk and was blown away by her design expertise! I told her I HAD to do a post on her (mostly) wallet savvy shopping techniques. I refrained from taking pictures that day since it was my first time in her home, but promised I would be back later in the week to stalk her. :) (oh and I brought the wrong lens and I am terrible at using my camera anyway so I apologize for the dark photos.)

her home from the street

front door/entry way. large mirror from antiques store

her cat demoed her candle holders but you get the idea. entry table: tj maxx homegoods
this photo does not do this room justice. she mixed pieces from antiques stores, tj maxx, living spaces, target etc.

gorgeous venetian mirror from an antiques store. every room needs some bling!

chairs: homegoods (don't mind my tacky stroller in the background...)

i love how she pairs new furniture with antique pieces. it makes the room so interesting!
adorable bird cage from antiques store. rug from home depot! where else?

loooove the molding against the dove gray walls

such a cozy office!

beautiful office...bad photo :( i love how she used an old antique dining table for the desk. great idea to put a small chest underneath for storage! such a clean look!
a cozy family room with an open concept kitchen. her home has great built ins in which she stores her yarn (she's crafty!) B is lucky to own a few of her knit caps :)

i'll be teaching these to B...

i love the color of this piece!
lots of kitchen storage! i think white kitchen cabinets are such a great look.

I die over that chandelier. and such a gorgeous island! benches from target!!!

canary yellow bedding! so stunning.

her dresser was an antique find along with the fancy mirror

i like how the canary yellow is in the bedding and the painting as well

Her cat Huck was such a ham. :)
I'm convinced that if you splurge on a couple of main pieces in a room then it really helps everything else look like a million bucks. Marie invested in mirrors, lighting fixtures, and curtains but strategically mixed in lower cost pieces too. To me this is the epitome of a good designer. She sees potential in everything!

Marie is an incredibly brave, strong, and wise woman of God. This is her below with her boyfriend Brandon who passed away about eight months after this photo was taken (almost two years ago). He tripped one evening, hitting his head so hard that he went into a coma and never came out. And while I could go on about how horrible it was to lose him, it was amazing to see how God used him to reach out to so many people who didn't follow Him. Marie has already been through more than most people will ever go through and yet she is still one of my favorite people to spend time with. She's generous, warm, witty, and unpretentious. I love her! Thanks again for letting me intrude on your home. I'm totally obsessed. :)

PS B has her 4 month check up today. Praying for a healthy baby! Also, she has been sleeping through the night for about a week now! Shut up, I know right??!?!


  1. Holy smokes. That house IS gorgeous!!

    Also, I know you said it’s been 2 years, but please pass along my condolences. I couldn’t imagine what she went through and agree that she must be a very strong and brave woman. Let her know if she ever decides to blog…she is exactly the kind of person I like to “follow”. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow!!! Is that the one near your grandparents house? You can see if from Victoria?

  3. Yay! Glad you love her house as much as I do! It's hard not to I suppose. I hope I can see you and Blair when I come out in a weekish. And I can bring my cloth diapers and tell you all my pros and cons for the three brands I have- GroVia hybrid, Bumgenius pockets, and Fuzzibunz one size. Basically GV is the easiest but takes a long time to dry, BG is bulky but best for night, and FB is trim but harder to get the right fit so I've had some leaks. I'll show you them all :)

  4. Laura, I am interested too! I would love to hear what you have learned and how you decided on the brands and types you have. I keep tossing the idea around but I am so overwhelmed by all the types and brands!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the dining room table as a desk!!! Love it!

  6. I am NOT at all surprised that you'd be in love with her house. It is gorgeous, and even more, Marie is gorgeous and simply wonderful in every way. I am so glad you got to spend some time together. : ) I noticed you didn't post pictures of her back yard... isn't all of that patio furniture awesome? And the fruit trees? and garden? I love being there!


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