Sink or Swim

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I broke our soap dispenser in the kitchen. M said I could go with him to Home Depot to pick out a new one. Of course we came home with a whole new faucet (which I kept calling a "sink" by mistake) and I love it! Our kitchen really needed it. Here is the old one...

so ugly!
 And here is our new faucet...
so pretty! 
It really helps our kitchen look nicer. We still have to replace that little nub on the right (I think it lets the air escape or something?) but this is a vast improvement from where we were. Our next huge project is to have someone paint our oak cabinets a creamy white. I think this will help make the kitchen less monotone. Right now the tile matches the cabinets which match the walls. But I think we will be waiting a while before that gets done. Time and money is all it takes! ;)


  1. Love the new faucet!! So classic and curvy! I love the white cabinet idea!! Can't wait to see!

  2. looks fabulous, Natalie! so funny how those little things can make such a huge improvement. your house is adorable. i also love that you have a changing area for B in the kitchen! beats having to walk up the stairs every time she needs a diaper change! wish I had extra counter space for that :)

  3. That looks amazing Natalie! I think it’s about time that the hubby and I head over to Home Depot. All of our faucets are ugly and old.
    Also, I’ve nominated you for a blog award at: Hope you accept it!!

  4. I'm excited to see those new white cabinets!


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