Who's Your Daddy?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy first Father's Day, Matt! While this Father's Day is special because it is M's first, I'm sure the ones to come will be more exciting because B will be able to tell him how much she loves him and appreciates him. Right now though that is my job! If I were B here is what I would say...

Dear Daddy-
Happy Father's Day! I love you SO much. From the very beginning of my life you have been there for me. You were there when I was born and every day in the NICU when I needed you the most. You visited me and held me close. You prayed over me so I would heal quickly and showed me what a godly Daddy looks like from the very beginning. Thank you for showing me how to trust Jesus and appreciate his grace.

You always help mommy take care of me and make things extra fun. Even in the beginning when I was a very small baby you helped by feeding me at two am and changing me while Mommy slept. That helped Mommy to be able to take care of me better during the day. I love it when you come home from work and do tummy time with me. I also like it when you talk to me about my day and ask me what I did. I like it when you give me baths and fill up my tub twice just so I can keep playing. (I also like how you never get shampoo in my eyes). I like how you get me dressed (even when you put socks under my sandals...fashion faux pas!) and I like when you play "super baby" with me and fly me across the room.

I can't wait till I get older and you can take me backpacking (Mommy says Half Dome is off limits), camping, bike riding, surfing, and Disneyland! I have so much to look forward to! I love you SO much and I'm pretty sure Mommy does too. :) Happy Father's Day to my amazing Daddy!

Love, Blair

I Love You Boo.

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  1. Such a sweet tribute to your husband and B's daddy! Hope you have the best day celebrating this weekend! :)


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