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Monday, June 18, 2012

I hope you all had a great weekend celebrating Father's Day! We hung out around the house and had a family BBQ on Saturday followed by another family dinner on Sunday. Those were two of the tastiest meals we have had in a while!

Let me begin by saying maybe I should start a "Mommy Fail Mondays?" On Saturday night my family came over and after B was put to bed we went out to the drive way to check out my parents new car. My dad stayed inside and so I decided to take a cruise around the block with M, my mom and my brother. We were gone no more than five minutes and when we got home we stayed in the car for a while longer and checked out all the features. When we finally went back inside guess who was awake? And NOT happy about it either? Yup, Blair. My poor Dad was upstairs trying to rock and soothe her in her glider but she was FURIOUS! I felt SO bad for both of them. My Dad said she started crying and he went out to get me and the car was gone! He was like, "I didn't know the protocol like if you let her cry or not. But I decided that if you came home and I was just watching TV while she was crying you would be mad so I decided to go pick her up." Haha. Learned my lesson...always leave instruction even for five minutes! For future reference, Dad, we let her cry for five minutes then burp her. If that doesn't do it we let her cry another ten minutes then soothe her. ;)

my Dad and B during happier times... ;)

M and his baby girl

baby love
Tomorrow I plan on showing you the most beautiful maternity photos that my friend Natasha had taken. She's due with her first any day now!

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  1. Oh no!! Haha, too funny but thank goodness Grandpa was to the rescue! ;) I am SURE I will have many and many of these to come! Good times! XO


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