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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yesterday was CRAZY busy! But I'll take that any day over a boring/lonely day. B and I met with some of my mommy friends for a walk and picnic in the park. It was such a nice day until the sprinklers turned on in the park! We had to make a run for it but all the babies were safe and dry due to our cat-like reflexes. ;)

Then I ran some errands with B at the mall and nursed at Nordstrom (this is becoming a weekly occurrence). They have the BEST mommy room and B likes the posters hanging on their walls. :)

After that I buzzed home to get ready for my brother's high school graduation. My sweet Aunt Marla babysat B for me while I went to the graduation and then my sweet husband did baby duty while I went to Jake's graduation party afterwards. It was weird being away from her for so long (from 5:30-10:00) but according to my aunt and Matt she was a good girl.


proud parents and grandma!
Awkward mommy moment:
Stopping to pump in my car outside my old house since it was in the same neighborhood as the graduation party. Then having our current renter scope me out because I was all creepy and sitting in my car outside her/our home pumping! Ugh...so awkward. Then arriving to the party where everyone else had margaritas in tow and I had a bottle of milk... a mommy's gotta do what a mommy's gotta do! 

I will say that things are getting better with B. I feel like her being three months has been a turning point. And I hear four/five months gets even easier. She's starting to sleep much longer at nights (7.5 hour stretches) and she is getting MUCH better at napping NOT in her carrier on my body (thank God). She now sleeps in her car seat and swing. I'm still working on getting her to consistently nap in her bed. Why she can do it during the night and not during the day baffles me. So to all the mommies and mommies to be out there...it does get better like everyone promised it would! I'm trying not to get too comfy though because I know challenges are lurking right around the corner...

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  1. Yay for longer sleep stretches! That's when it clicked for Audrey too. But for some reason she's regressed lately...Not sure why. Hopefully Blair will keep it up. I hear you about the naps too! Audrey naps much better in her carseat than in her crib. She hardly fusses going to bed in her crib, but napping in there=no fun. Strange, huh. At least we know all these phases do eventually end so we can cherish the quirky little things along the way :)


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