Three Months

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I finally got around to taking B's three month shots (aside from the ones Carrie took) last week. And while she is smiling a lot now, it is still hard to capture it on film! We did get lucky though and snapped a few smiles. Here is our sweet three month old!

so cute! but annoying that the flash was on...

blogger did not want to let me post this right side up!


laughing at mommy's jokes :)
Such a precious face! I can't wait to post all of her photos after the first year and see how much she changed! Speaking of change, her hair is starting to fall out. I find it in her stroller, on her Boppy, on her bed etc. Is there a blondie in the making? Mama can only hope!

Yesterday I went to the grocery store Sprouts for the first time. I was amazed! They had so much to look at (um hello thousands of vitamins/supplements!). I decided they have an awesome meat and produce department. It's kind of like Trader Joes but bigger. And if you are a gluten free person this is the place to be! So many options! I fell in love with their bulk trail mix selection and candy aisle (of course). Here are some items I picked up.

I could not resist the cuteness that is this bottle of hand soap. I needed some new face wash and the Alba stuff smelled delish and was a great "natural" choice. Oh, and apparently I should start brushing Blair's gums now. I read in a magazine that it gets them used to it so they don't fuss over it when it's time to brush their actual teeth. Who knew? No tooth paste of course yet but I liked this one because it's free of all harmful chemicals. (I'm pretty sure everything in the whole store is).

Today I am meeting up with a mommy friend for lunch (no surprise here). Not much planned other than that! Have a great Tuesday! Oh, those maternity pics I promised will be posted tomorrow!


  1. Can't believe how much she looks like your husband (sorry if you hate that, I get that A looks like P all.the.time!) She's getting so big, such a cute smile!

  2. I love Sprouts! It's become one of my favorite grocery stores since moving to CA.


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