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Friday, March 2, 2012

If I have to be honest stress is getting the best of M and me. I knew that moving, working, and being pregnant would be hard but not this difficult! I forget that moving is not just about getting your stuff from point A to point B. We have had to deal with buying all new appliances (which is fun and exciting but takes time, research, and energy after a full day of work), signing up our new house to be cleaned top to bottom (and then finding out the utilities had been shut off that morning), calling to turn utilities back on, calling to get internet/TV/phone installed... I could go on and on. And I really don’t want to complain because we are SO blessed to be moving but wah! It is kinda stressful.

But for all the annoyances there is so much good! Like, my mother-in-law dealing with the cleaning lady/utility drama for us while we were at work, a family friend dropping off deluxe moving boxes for us (more about this later), another family friend offering us a trailer to use to help us move, and lots of friends and family signing up to help us this weekend when they could be doing a MILLION other better things!

Sooooo with all that said I’m featuring my robe collection. Why, you ask? The reason is this…when I’m tired/lazy/stressed/breathing, I like to wear my robes around the house. Yes, I said robes. I have a few because I really like them! Some are for summer, some for winter, some for spring… (jk). It just so happens B has received a few robes too! Like mother, like daughter. Here is a glimpse of our robe collection below…

Just know that it IS my goal to get the two of us OUT of our robes every day. I will not be “the robe lady” with Uggs on her feet going to get the mail. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!

PS I love my readers so much that I went to my parents house so I could use their internet to post today. Our internet is out still. You are so loved! :)


  1. Love the robes! Did I ever tell you about the "pajama lady"? I have one 3 doors down from our house & yes she gets the mail in her pajamas, robe & slippers. He name is pajama lady & she loves to chat with her neighbors in her attire :) I think you would enjoy going out in something besides a robe & pjs.

  2. Good luck with move! Lots of "moving" parts but it will all be so worth it! And I love my robes too! Wearing one now actually!! ;)


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