Mommy Fail

Friday, March 23, 2012

I should create a section in my blog called "mommy fail." Today was the first of what will inevitably be many times that I make a mistake. I woke up early this morning, got ready, got B ready, and my mom drove us to Kaiser for B's doctor appointment only to find out it's NEXT week, not this week! I was seriously so bummed that we went through all the effort of getting out the door for nothing! My mom and I "hung out" in the lobby for some time while she drank her coffee and I sipped my water. Our conversation would have frustrated anyone listening in since we were so indecisive about the days plan. Who waits in a doctor's waiting room for fun? Me and my mom. Sigh. Fail. 

hangin out with mommy in her juicy jammies :) thanks brooke!
After our snafu we decided to take B for a walk in our new neighborhood. She was a good girl in her BOB and seemed to enjoy it! Which is good because in about 3 more weeks this mommy will be ready to hit the running trails again! 

Big news for us today is that we got a king sized mattress (thanks grandma!). I can't wait to find some new bedding to go with it. I love white/cream duvets so we will see what I decide on. It gets delivered tomorrow so then we can move our current queen into the guest room for anyone who wants to come and play "mommy and daddy" for the weekend. Any takers? :)

Finally today B tried out her lambie swing. Everyone swears by the swing and its capabilities to lull little ones to sleep however it seems to have the opposite effect on B. It makes her all wide eyed and busy tailed.

Please continue to pray for B to learn good nursing skills. Also, continued prayer for our evenings together is appreciated. She seems to have her nights and days mixed up. :( And she does not enjoy sleeping in her co-sleeper which is killing me! Have a great weekend...see you Monday!

PS I promise this will not turn into a full blown mommy blog but give me time to get back into doing "normal" stuff. Many posts to come on our new house, me trying to get back into shape, and our adventures in life!


  1. Awww she looks so cute all nestled in her BOB. That's what we registered for too! Are you going to post your birth story? I'd love to hear it once you're ready. Have a great weekend Mama N! :)

  2. You both are beautiful! She's definitely a cutie and I'm so glad to see she is doing so well after all that you had to endure. You look so amazing for just having her too. Doesn't even look like you just had a baby. Hoping things start to get easier for you!

  3. She looks so sweet in her swing! And you look great - can't believe that you just had a baby!

    Keep up the good work mama :)


  4. you look amazing! i would never have guessed you just had a baby looking at your walk picture! so glad you are enjoying being a mommy and that everything is going well now!

  5. Oh my gosh Natalie i did the same thing, showed up at the doctors thinking i had an appointment for Nicole when she was about 6 weeks old.. Gotta give us moms credit for being "overly on top" of things. :)Looooove the pictures of B! Cant wait to see more of her in the fabulous wardrobe she has!

  6. I have done that too! You girls are both beautiful and you are lookin hot Momma! Way to go


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