Day 2 Home

Friday, March 16, 2012

Praise God that last night was better than the first night! Not saying that I got much more sleep...about three hours but M was able to sleep a lot more which is good because he has to function at work! I caved and let Blair sleep on my chest (already laughing at my "never will I ever" post here). The reason being is that when she sleeps on me she doesn't make all those noises that I can't tune out. Of course during the day when she sleeps in her cradle she doesn't make a peep. But at night she is cooing/grunting/hiccuping etc. 

sleeping like a baby in her cradle (that my parents used for me when I was a baby!)

Today a nurse came over to check on Blair. She gained two ounces (nursing is working!) and her respiratory rate was 38 (which is good!). I was proud of my baby girl. We are continuing to learn more about each other every second of the day. Blair really is a good baby and has a very predictable routine: eat, play, sleep. I dread the day when she adds fussiness to that routine...

showing off her St. Patty's day hand made hat by my friend Marie

Other big milestones for today included going on a walk with Blair. I had a sweet friend drop off dinner yesterday and while she was here I had her show me how to use my Moby Wrap. What a lifesaver! I strapped her in today and walked with her and my mom and Bella to the mailbox (this was the goal) but ended up taking a stroll around our neighborhood. Our next endeavor includes giving Blair a bath. This did not go well in the NICU so pray for us...

ready for our walk!

-watching Matt read to Blair
- having delicious meals prepared for us
- getting dressed today WITH make-up!

bedtime story...melts my heart

- leaning over to hand Blair to my mom and leaking breast milk ALL over her jeans. oops.

-please continue to pray for more restful nights for me. Along with not feeling guilty about resting during the day even though we have so much to do around the house still! Patience is what I need.
On Monday Blair has a doctor's appointment in the morning along with a newborn photo session. I can't even wait to see her adorable pictures!


  1. So happy she is home!! What a sweet little face. Don't worry about not getting things done around the house--what you are doing now is a million times more important :) so happy to be able to keep up with the updates

  2. So glad she's settling in and doing well! And you look great Natalie! So so happy for you guys! Hope you have a great {and restful} weekend!

  3. So glad to see how well she is doing. You look great! Enjoy being a mommy!


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