Day 10

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chug, chug, chug! Is it bad that a common college cheer has become my chant for my newborn? But that's exactly what we want her to do...chug down those bottles in less than 30 minutes. Today she did SO well! She has taken three bottles in a row and finished them all in less than 15 minutes. I think the light has turned on for miss B and she is getting the suck and swallow rhythm down. She is so funny though. She wakes up and is so alert and happy in her cradle and when I show her the bottle she sits and ponders it for a while before opening up. She keeps her little lips pursed (and looks JUST like her daddy) and her eyes look around and then when she's ready she opens wide. I'm afraid that everything she does is "just precious" to me!

M looks good surrounded by all that pink!

One thing that wasn't so precious to me was changing B's diaper today. While I was wiping her she pooped! She almost hit the footboard of her cradle even! She totally nailed me on the hand and soiled her blankets. I thought about my changing table at home and made note not to have anything too "white" in the danger zone... (M still has yet to change her diaper. I am not ok with this...)

This evening we had such a good time with our sweet girl. She was all smiles after her bottle feeding. Below she looks like she's in a milk-coma to me. :)
full belly + mama = happy baby

The nurse guessed that she would be going home sometime this weekend. I am counting down the minutes! I just can't wait to hold Blair without having to worry about tangling her wires or having her respiratory rate in front of me on the computer screen. I'm ready to be a "real" mama! 

i LOVE that B has been wearing some of her clothes! presh!


-Enjoying a yummy Mexican dinner from my friend Marie and getting to chat with her.
-getting totally spoiled by my best friend Carrie. She brought me a "mommy" gift full of awesome products. Shampoo, nail polish, make up, hair spray, etc.All in a cute chevron printed tote box. I'm actually looking forward to my next shower. :)
-Spending lots of time with M's parents at the NICU. I am realizing more and more just how important family is. And how blessed we are to have ours so close to home!

-that B continues to take full feedings
-that the transition from hospital to home is smooth (when the time comes)
-that B makes a smooth transition from bottle to breast feeding. And that I have patience in the process.

Just for laughs... Stan is amazed by my breast pump!
"I have nipples, can you milk me?" perhaps one of the best movie quotes ever. :)


  1. She is looking so great!!! Go Team Blair!!!

    Keeping all three of you in my prayers :)


  2. Wow, she's really coming along...look how much she's grown in just a week! So precious. Continuing to pray and fingers crossed she comes home this weekend! XO

  3. Blair is precious!!! Congrats to you and your family! I hope she gets to come home this weekend as tentatively planned...that would be amazing!!

  4. This weekend!?!?! AHHHH that's so exciting. Way to go Blair for pounding your milk back. Such a precious little girl

  5. Make sure to keep extra changing pad covers! We went through several a day sometimes...those newborn poops are something else :) I recommend three-enough time to get the first one in the wash and dryer hopefully!


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