Shabby Chic

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thank you so much for all the sweet wishes yesterday. :) It was so fun to share my excitement with you! I had a record amount of people come to my blog...I should get pregnant more often! ;)

Anyway, I am still not over publicizing my brother's wedding so here's to another post! Today I decided to show off their venue, Windfall Farms, in Paso Robles wine country. Their wedding was in a beautiful barn and my brother learned what constitutes "shabby chic" very quickly.

The note cards said "you know you're in love when..." and "best advice on marriage is..." Then you put it in the barn!

unique rustic tables were adorned with powder blue runners. i just love the twinkly lights too!

The barn was behind the guests and in front of them were horses running in pastures and wine country! Guests sat on hay bales covered with white linens

real horse stalls lined the reception area with beautiful brick floors

mason jars held candles and floral arrangements. Guests took home peat pots with seeds for planting

DIY bride and groom signs were secured on mini white picket fences. the cake was so darling especially the wooden cake toppers they found on etsy. they were hand painted to look just like the bride and groom! hopefully I get a close up of that later. :)
Lots of DIY wedding ideas in this post...use them up! On a different note work has been INSANE for me lately. I am teaching the after school program till four everyday and then I have to stay after that and get ready for my own class the next day. I've been getting to work at 7:15 and getting home at 5:30. That is too much work! Not to mention taking things home to grade etc. So, with that said I was hoping you would give me some slack on my lack of originality lately. Thanks :)

PS all photos courtesy of Peter Dawson 


  1. What a gorgeous shabby chic wedding!! So beautiful! Hopefully things slow down for you a little bit...that is too much work!

  2. such a pretty wedding!! i love how you can really incorporate your own style and don't have to follow rules anymore! love the canning jars for vases and candle holders- so cute!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Shabby chic was executed perfectly! Did they have a wedding planner or did they do it themselves?


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