Serena & Lily

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's pretend that I have a girl. And that I have already picked out this ensemble from one of my favorite baby stores, Serena and Lily. Not to be biased because I do have boy stuff picked out too but it's pieced together from different places so I have to work a little harder on that post. :)

This is what I love about Serena and kitschy themes (aka butterflies, Disney, Dr. Seuss etc.) I also like that their child bedding blends with the nursery selection so it can be an easy transition into toddlerhood. I love that their patterns are unique and while I am a little tired of the green and pink color scheme I just adore this print. And can you seriously have a little girl's room without pink? Sacrilegious!  

So what do you think? Sigh. I'm in love. But don't worry my baby boy stuff is just as cute to boot! That post will be coming soon. :) Today I have another ultrasound to finish up my genetic testing. No news is good news... so far so good! Still though, keep me in your prayers!

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