Maternity Mondays: Week 12

Monday, September 26, 2011

I made it through the first trimester! And with no morning sickness! Yippee! I had my appointment for genetic testing last Thursday and am going back this Thursday to complete the tests with a sonogram. I loooove the's so fun to see Baby B! Still praying that Baby B is healthy and appreciate your prayers as well.

Baby B is the size of a lime this week. :) and I am looking like I ate way more than a lime...

Here are last weeks updates:

Awkward: talking to a dad after school last week about his son's behavior and catching myself trying to "suck in" my stomach. Ha. Like that's gonna help at this point! He definitely thinks I drink beer every day after work...

Awesome: going to work on Friday with my regular jeans buttoned! Only to realize that at about lunch time that plan wasn't going to work out for me. Standing and sitting are two completely different things. Good thing my shirt was long and loose and I did no high reaching to expose my unbuttoned pants!

Looking forward to...
scheduling a 3D sonogram to find out the sex! I'm thinking Saturday October 15th. I'll be 15 weeks and they say they can tell at 14. Fingers crossed! We have a fun way of sharing the news with you all...can't wait!

Last week's purchase:
Ok well let's be real...I purchased this bad boy a week before I knew I was prego. What? It was on sale! And seventy dollars off at that! If I wasn't prego I had full intentions of returning it to some other lucky soul. But it all worked out. :)

want it? shop here.  but you will pay 70.00 more than I did! :(


  1. Love that bag, what a deal! And you look incredible! I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant. :)

  2. You look so cute! Love these maternity monday posts!

  3. GREAT diaper bag! No morning sickness?! You lucky ducky! You look so adorable

  4. I love your hair in this week's you just bobby pin it back?

  5. So so cute! Love that brand of diaper bags!

  6. That is the cutest diaper bag ever, all the diaper bags from my pregnancy era were Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh...etc. Yuck!

    Your bump is adorable!

  7. Such a cute diaper bag!


  8. Yay for your second trimester!! So exciting! I LOVE PPB- love the boxy backpacks!! I can't wait to use mine again and want one of their clutches from their Cake line too- have you seen those? So perfect when you just need the necessities and not the kitchen sink. Your enchiladas look awesome too, so creamy and delish!!


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