Disneyland for "big" little kids

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ah, Disneyland how I have missed you! On Blair's birthday we hauled our crew to the happiest place on earth because we're crazy. We decided to get a three day pass to Disneyland since it was such a good deal and was a much safer bet than an annual pass. Maybe when the twins are two we will consider getting passes again.

We ended up having an absolute blast and I can't wait to go back two more times! The corn dogs were just how I remembered them and I found a new love at Ghiradelli...their chocolate chip cookie was divine! 

For the first time Blair rode cars and LOVED it! She also went on Big Thunder Roller Coaster TWICE! Who is this kid? I took a video of her while riding it...priceless. 
sweatshirt from gap
She fell asleep in the twins' infant car seat/stroller but never stopped gripping her birthday pin. :) It was such a fun day and going to Disneyland with a "big" little kid was so awesome. I just loved showing her new things. Sometimes parenting can be so fun! ;) 


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