Donut Cravings

Monday, February 27, 2017

Over the weekend M and I finished up a project we had going on in our dining room (more on that later). So, naturally we rewarded ourselves with donuts and coffee on Sunday morning.

We loaded up the car with our tribe (most of us in our pjs/yoga pants) and headed to our favorite donut shop, Donut Cravings. As we were leaving the shop the owner realized we had twins and said, "There's two!" I replied, "Yeah! Do we get free donuts for that next time?" He gave us an enthusiastic nod. And I'm totally taking him up on it next Sunday. ;)
Everly is so cute here and she KNOWS it!

What he probably doesn't know is that his shop is where we took our photo to announce that we were expecting twins! And it all comes full circle. :)

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  1. How cute :) Love this
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