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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

As my 33 birthday approaches I'm more and more concerned about my skin care regimen. I've been noticing more and more wrinkles, (whhhyyyyy) age spots, etc. I'm really starting to be consistent with my bedtime skincare routine because they say that consistency is key.

I thought I would share with you the tools I've been using to help combat the signs of aging. I don't have before and after pictures yet because I want to be consistent for three months before I compare things but I'm very hopeful!

1. Tria cleanser and serum: I use these products before and after I use the Tria laser to combat my wrinkles. My friend's dad actually makes the lasers for a living so I received mine for free (always a win).
2. Rodan and Fields eye cream: I use this to combat my crow's feet and dark under eye circles. They have SO many products I could benefit from but for now I'm starting here.
3. GrandeLash MD: Ok so this isn't really for my skin but it helps my lashes to grow thicker and longer. I'm trying it for three months to see if I notice a difference. My friends swear by it.
4. Clinique lotion: I use this for a daily moisturizer in the morning.
5. Tria Laser: As I mentioned above I use this before bed to fight against my wrinkles. I do it about 4 times a week.
6. Red Light Therapy: I've read great things about red light therapy and my friend has a tanning salon with one of these beds so I've been trying it out. Again, I want to be consistent and see what my results are in about three months! RLT can help with stretch marks, wrinkles, joint pain, acne, and the appearance for cellulite. I'm down with all these things!

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  1. 3 different dermatologists have also recommended morning CE Ferulic Acid Serum under your lotion. After 3 months, I started getting comments every day that I look "too young to be a doctor". Highly recommend!!! I don't sell it, just a fan :)


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