Cal and Evie: Six Months

Thursday, February 16, 2017

We made it! The babies are officially half way to being one year olds! Contrary to popular belief it did not fly by and honestly you couldn't pay me to do those first three months all over again (oy vey that was hard and took a village), BUT that doesn't mean I'm not grateful for those precious babies. I'm thankful for them but am completely okay with those months being behind us! Ha ha.

The babes are becoming more and more fun the older they get. Their personalities are really obvious now and although they are both pretty easy babies their personalities are so different!

Cal has been deemed the "chill" baby. He is laid back and such a happy fella. He loves to suck his middle and ring fingers at the same time and rub his own head while he nurses and takes a bottle. He is happy to just sit on your lap but also likes to play on his play mat, swing, go for a stroller ride, take a bath, and watch his big sister play. He sleeps through the night, rolls both ways, gets up on his hands and knees and rocks, makes hilarious "martian" noises, takes two solid naps and one cat nap a day, and has the cutest way of smiling at you and then getting shy and burying his head. His nicknames are bubba, sweet boy, and formerly butterball (before he got skinny). Ha ha.

He is 26 inches long (23 percentile), weighs 13 lbs 4 ounces (1 percentile), and his head circumference is 45 cm (91 percentile). So basically he's like an orange on a toothpick. ;) He's such a skinny little guy but is so happy so I can't complain!

Evie has been deemed the "spicy" baby. She is full of smiles but man when she gets tired or hungry everyone knows it. She's a girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell you. She doesn't consistently suck her thumb or fingers yet, although she does love chewing on her blankie. She is obsessed with rolling all over the place and enjoys her play mat. She likes to sit in her bumbo or swing outside and watch Blair play. She enjoys the stroller and bath time. She sleeps through the night, rolls both ways, rocks back and forth on her hands and knees, takes two solid naps a day and one cat nap, and also gives big smiles but then buries her head and hides. She has the cutest roly poly thighs just like Blair had. Her nicknames include: mad kitty, coo coo, cucamonga, little hen, megamind, and Evie G (her gangster name).

At her sixth month check up she was 25 inches long (16 percentile), weighs 12 lbs 12 ounces (3 percentile), and her head circumference is 42 and 1/2 cm (59 percentile). Her body reminds me so much of Blair' chubby! Her thighs are so yummy I just can't take it!

The babies are getting much more consistent with their naps which is AMAZING. They typically wake for the day around 7:30/8. They take their first nap around 9/9:30 and sleep for about 2 hours. They eat 5 times a day usually and I supplement 3-4 of their feedings with 3 extra ounces of breastmilk from a friend along with nursing them. They take their second nap around 12:30/1 for about an hour and a half and then they squeeze in one more cat nap around 4/4:30. Our hardest part of the day is still right before bedtime between 5-6:30 pm. It used to be straight misery. They are still needy during this time but at least aren't crying or insisting on being held in a carrier. Everyday I try to run an errand with them, take them for a walk, let them swing outside and watch Blair play, and take them to pick Blair up from school. I finally feel like I can manage them on my own although it's not ideal.

This weekend I plan on giving them solid food for the first time and seeing how they like it or if they are ready. We're going to start with avocado mixed with breast milk. :)

I included so many details in this post so I can refer back to it. If you are still reading you must be pregnant with twins or just want to see what real life insanity looks like. ;) I still stand by my best advice for those expecting twins. There is no miracle product...get a nanny! Best decision I ever made!!! We sure do miss ours but are thankful for the six months of help she was able to give us.

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