Elf on the Shelf 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Over the weekend our elf, Lily, came back into town. This year instead of bringing snow that left our porch looking like Christmas all year long; she brought decorations for Blair's room!

Oh and this was all after M had to go get a REPLACEMENT elf because we lost the darn thing. So freaking annoying. Enjoy that extra $30, Target.
Many people asked about where to purchase the pinwheels above her bed. I actually made them for a back drop for a friend's baby shower. It's easy! You could totally do it. :) Pom pom pillow Target 2016.

I hoard keep all prior decorations Ive made so I pulled these colors out of my craft closet and strung them together. 

Lit tree from Target (on sale!) 2016. Mini trees Target 2015.

Super old mini tree from when I was in high school. Sequin bow from Land of Nod. Ornaments were added later. 

Glitter wreath Target 2014, blanket Target 2016, grey Christmas tree flannel sheets Target 2014.

And I've had a few people ask how Blair's room is so clean and if that is real life. It actually is real life (for once!). Since I don't keep toys in her room (albeit a basket of stuffed animals and a book shelf with books) it stays picked up. Our upstairs play loft is another story though...we're talking tornado status so don't be fooled! I'll have to snap a picture of it after she's torn through there. Ha ha.

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