Cool Mama Breast Feeding Clothes

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Last week Cool Mama sent me one of their nursing tops and I can't believe I've been functioning without them! The fabric is super soft made from bamboo and the cut of the shirt is very flattering. The sleeve is a bit longer to hide my not-so-toned arms and it's very blousy around the mid section which always helps.

And the best part is that you can wear these while pregnant AND breast feeding! A second bonus for me is that I can nurse both babies at the same time without needing a nursing cover. This solves so many problems! I seriously can't wait to order more of these tops...they have dresses too!

And yes I do see the humor in the following pictures...those are the babies' heads, I swear! Ha ha!

Easy side slit allows baby to get to the good stuff. 

Chatting with Everly while Cal finishes up

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Head on over to their Etsy store and shop HERE . :)
Happy shopping!

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