Breast Feeding 101

Thursday, November 17, 2016

*This post contains some nursing photos...if this makes you uneasy I'm warning you now. ;)

As a second time mom I knew things would be different (hello I had twins!) this time around but I wasn't sure how. Obviously twins are a whole new territory that I had no idea about but I was thankful to have already had one baby under my belt. My first born would at least prepare me for half the work, right?!

latching Everly for the first time
 Ha ha. Having twins is way more than twice the work of one baby. There is no break even if you have another adult around at all times. I am always in charge of at least one baby.

This time around I told myself while I was pregnant that my expectations were going to be a lot lower. I promised I would be much more type B and less anxious about everything. I told myself that I would take nursing one month at a time and if my body couldn't keep up with feeding two babies  I wasn't going to freak out over giving them formula. I'm trying to be gracious with myself. In the past I would have thought that if I had to do formula I was somehow failing my babies. Now I know I'm not. I am determined to do what is best for them and if that means they need more nutrition in the way of formula then that's ok!
latching right after birth

So far I have been blessed to produce enough milk to sustain them but I have a feeling my days are numbered. I already supplement them before bed with my best friend's breast milk. Aren't bosom buddies great?! There are so many types of formula on the market but since I already love The Honest Company products I plan on starting there. The Honest Company takes a best-for-baby approach and has developed a line of premium feeding solutions with organic, non-GMO and other high quality ingredients for various types of situations, including both breast and formula feeding.

As a side note I thought that I would have huge fabulous boobs while nursing twins. Nope. I mean it seems so unfair! I'm nursing two kids! I was hoping to at least get a D cup out of this for a few months. Sigh. Maybe in another life.

those tan lines though...
Currently the twins nurse every three hours during the day (7am, 10am, 1pm, 4 pm, 7pm) and once at 4 am overnight. 

If you are a mom-to-be then I suggest checking out The Honest Company Feeding page for some great information. 

As another side note I have several videos on my phone of them nursing. I never want to forget how cute they are when they do it and their sweet little noises! I'll spare you those. ;) 


  1. You go momma :) You are doing a great job!!!!
    Chelsea @

  2. Go, mama, go!! You are a rockstar breastfeeding twins!!! So impressed by you!!!


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