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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Well so far this year Matt and I have both been to the ER and Blair just topped it off with a visit to the urgent care last night. She was running full speed down our sidewalk while pushing Baby in her stroller. Before we could tell her to slow down she ate it and her chin took the brunt of it.

Of course she was wearing her all white eyelet dress. That's what I get for buying all white! We kind of tamed the bleeding with a Disney Princess band-aid but M and I both decided (along with the help from a nurse friend) that stitches or glue would be needed.

We drove her down to the urgent care and got her all glued up. She was so brave and we let her pick out a new toy at Target afterwards. My Little Pony Play Doh set was the big winner.

And since we are talking about the health of the Bushman kids, the babies had a great check up yesterday! I actually had more bleeding on Monday morning so I took it super easy but the US showed 2 big happy babies and no reason for alarm. Doctor thinks it was likely my cervix and not a hematoma after all. I'll take it!

Baby A was very relaxed and let the tech get the measurements he needed easily. Baby B was quite the wiggle worm and gave him a run for his money. I'm sure Baby B is a boy. ;) Later in the day Blair gave me two stickers on my tummy and said, "This one is for Baby A. Her name is Lily. And this one is for Baby B. Her name is Isabella."

M is praying her prediction is not accurate. ;) And just in case you were wondering, those are not names we are considering as lovely as they are. B also mentioned if they were boys that their names should be Maurice and Carter. She kills me.
Today we are headed to Disneyland for one last hurrah before our passes expire this weekend. Blair is getting a princess make over and she is pretty excited!

Next week I'll be featuring a top I got at Target that I've worn like 4 days this week, haha. Let's just say Mama got two more of the same style shirt to reward herself for taking Blair to the urgent care last night. ;)


  1. Bless her heart! Hoping you guys are done with the ER/urgent care for a whiiile!

  2. Poor girl!!! I got hit in the chin with a metal baseball bat when I was 7 and had the same injury...I didn't get play-doh though! ;) I can't wait to see your Target find! I am itching for a few new (cheap) pieces! Have fun this weekend!!

  3. Oh my goodness, poor Blair! Y'all have had a rough time with the dr visits - let's hope that's it until the babies arrive ;) So glad you're doing good and the bleeding has stopped!


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