A Gray Decision

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The struggle has been real for us picking out the perfect grey. Thank you for all of your suggestions! Our house doesn't get a lot of natural light (boo) so I had to keep that in mind when choosing a color. I couldn't go too dark because I want to keep it airy and light. I spent a small fortune on paint samples but I wanted to get it right! Keep in mind paint looks so different in photos than in person. Here's what I tried...

From left to right: 1. wheat bread by behr 2. amazing gray by sherwin williams, 3. repose by sw 4. agreeable gray by sw 5. revere pewter by benjamin moore 6. dolphin fin by behr

For our house we need a warm gray. Some of these looked too blue/green. The second one was just too dark (although I do like the color). I think we are going to go with the first choice of wheat bread. I like that it's a little more greige and taupy. It flatters our carpet (blech I would love wood floors) and is gender neutral.

Our next project we have in the works is painting this dresser. I'm thinking of leaving the drawers as is with the natural wood and painting the rest white. Here is the dresser...

And here is the look I'm going for...

via Land of Nod
I like how the dresser looks a little modern. I love that we can recreate the look by just adding some white paint. The awesome thing about our dresser is that 1. it was free 2. it has a nook for a changing pad on top 3. It has a lid that can be closed when the twins are no longer in diapers. Winning! One piece of furniture that will last from babyhood to...? You can see the top of the dresser that slides over the changing pad area when needed.

For Blair's nursery we went all out. I wanted new everything. This time around I'm trying to be a bit more savvy and find ways to keep this nursery budget friendly (is that possible with twins?!). I just can't WAIT to find out the sex!

What do you think about my grays? Happy Wednesday!


  1. I like the first one also. Good choice. And I can't wait to see the dresser makeover, that's going to be fabulous. I'm still just soooo excited for you!

  2. We have wheat bread in our living room! Its a great choice :) We decided on it for the same reasons, and 3 years later I still love it.

  3. We have Agreeable gray in a few rooms in our house and I love it. It's a nice light gray.

  4. It'll be perfect! I can't wait to see your dresser makeover!


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