10 Weeks

Thursday, February 11, 2016

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I had my last ultrasound appointment at my fertility clinic on Monday and it was SO rad...by far the best one yet! I'm sure the bigger the babies get the more amazing the ultrasounds will be. We could see their arms/ legs, spines, hearts, umbilical cords, fingers and toes! They even had little alien faces with eye sockets. It was seriously incredible. Both babies had matching heart rates of 171. They're twinning already. ;)

When I told the ultrasound tech that I couldn't wait to find out the sex she said, "Yeah it's too early but let's look for fun." She picked out one baby and said, "See this right here could be boy parts. But you see this bright spot over here? That could be girl parts. So, basically it's still too early to tell." I figured but hey at least she was nice enough to humor me.

The babies were crazy busy wiggling around in there during the appointment. It's so bizarre how much activity is happening inside and yet I don't think I can feel a thing. I say "think" because sometimes I just swear I feel little things. I know that seems crazy but I can't attribute it to gas all the time! ;)

Baby A measured 10 weeks 6 days and Baby B measured 10 weeks 4 days. By that calculation I'm ahead of schedule and right at 11 weeks now. The OB hasn't changed my due date yet. Time will tell!

Matt's cousin loaned me a doppler to listen to the babies' heart rates in between my now 4 week apart appointments. I tried it out last night and found one of the little guys/girls hearts. Either I'm not skilled enough to find the other one or they are so close together in there it's too hard to differentiate them. Either way it made me pretty happy. I could listen to that all day! It's so crazy because they are so LOW in my stomach. I'm like if you are way down there...then what is this huge belly up here?! Ultrasound tech says it's still from hormones I'm taking...I find that hard to believe!

Last but not least we made an appointment to peek at the gender(s). I'll be 14 weeks the first week of March so my family is coming down to the ultrasound place with us. Fingers crossed those little nuggets cooperate!


  1. There are blood tests that you can take starting at 10 weeks to determine the gender, but depending on your insurance and your age, I'm not sure how much they would cost. I'm also not sure how it would work with twins. The one I did was called Harmony, but there are a bunch - Materniti, Verifi, etc. Either way, you'll find out before you know it! Such an exciting time!! Congratulations!

  2. You look so amazing! Thrilled for you friend! Xo


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