Summer Swim Suits

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Summer time temps are here to stay it seems so I rounded up some of my favorite pint sized swim suits. Lots of cute choices this season!

Top Row: Hanna Anderson (on sale!)
Middle Row: Carter's and last one Gap
Bottom Row: Target

I am absolutely dying over the red two piece on the top row but they are all sold out of Blair's size. That's what happens when you wait for the sale I guess. I also loved the blue chevron one but with shipping and tax it comes out to $50 on sale. Boo. She currently has the pink pineapple one and flamingo ones in the center which are darling. She also has the two coral ones on the bottom from Target. And really $15 swim suits are more my her style. ;)


  1. I looove the flamingo one and the bird one up top! I love buying suits for my little too, they are so fun

  2. Awe, I've been on the hunt! Thanks for sharing I love the Parrots on the top row!! And that red 2 they have that in our size, haha?

  3. I have found that if you call and order from Hanna Anderson out of state they will ship to you for free and waive tax- it always saves the $10+ additional to the order! We also found some beauties at Mini Boden this year- cute bright prints!

  4. If you call a Hanna Anderson store out of state to order they will ship direct to you and waive the shipping and tax fee! Saves the $10+ additional to your purchase, also check out Mini Boden they have some really pretty prints and patterns this summer!


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