Disneyland Adventures

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hi friends! Disneyland definitely didn't disappoint (woah alliteration)! We were expecting rain and never really had any which made the day even better. We decided to do what the birthday girl wanted so we saw about a million princesses (some more than once), rode Dumbo, the carousel (twice), the train(s), and watched a couple of Frozen shows.

By the end of the day we were pooped, which is actually how the day started. Blair had been complaining that her tummy hurt so upon arriving she decided to use the travel potty I have in the back of the car. I bet you can guess what happened next. She left a big, huge ,steaming turd in there and we realized this was a problem because we weren't about to leave that thing in the car all day. So my Mom suggested using a plastic bag to scoop it up and throw it away like we do for the dog. A win for us but not so much for the guy in charge of waste disposal...

We got an early start which was money because there were hardly any lines. The only thing we didn't get to do was eat at Ariel's Grotto. This is a restaurant where the princesses meet you at your table and you get to take photos with them. Next time!

B was so cute. She ran right up to her and took a picture all by herself!

For some reason Donald scared her so we joined in the picture. :)
She went straight for the purple and orange horse...her favorite colors!

Telling Anna and Elsa what she had done so far that day.

I highly recommend the Fantasy Faire Frozen show over the Frozen Fun show in C.A. This was up close and personal and WAY better! (Thanks for the rec Monica!)
The first thing she asked Belle was, "Why don't Mickey and Minnie talk?" She said they had to save their voices for their performances. Hahah. Or the fact that Mickey is usually a girl might also be the case... ;)

Their "silly faces." I die.
Every party needs a pooper. :) Sleepers are fair game.

I absolutely can not wait to do this on the reg. We got the cheapo passes and I plan on doing this once a week for sure! I actually woke up this morning wanting to go again. It's just so much fun to see her light up and chat with the characters. She has the silliest questions for them and we snicker every time. So blessed by our little family. :)


  1. So fun! So jealous you are so close to go so regularly. Ashlynn would be in heaven.

  2. So cute, looks like an absolute blast!!! Jealous you live so close you can go whenever...how fun!!!

  3. Yes!!! I love the things they think to say and how excited they get about the characters. This age(and a little older) is SO much fun!!

    Also, what's up with Ariel? She looks a little.....rough? lol

  4. Ellie was unsure of Donald too! How funny. You saw so many princesses. I am so jealous that the castle was complete when you went. It was all covered up a couple of weeks ago!


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