Happy 8

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

M and I celebrated 8 wonderful years of marriage this weekend with a date night out on the town. We enjoyed some sushi together (Blair free) followed by some banana/peanut butter ice cream. It was low key and we're totally okay with that!

For some reason this picture looks like we are in front of a green screen but it's legit. We really were at the Riverside Plaza. ;)

And just for fun, because I know M reads my blog, here's what I love about him...

1. He is a man of God and an excellent spiritual leader of our family
2. He is an incredible Dad and is way more fun with B than I am
3. He works with me as a team and is ridiculously helpful
4. He is freakin smart (hello! civil engineer!)
5. If he doesn't know how to do/build/make something he will research the heck out of it and then do it flawlessly
6. He helps me with all my DIY's, toddler parties, showers, blogging etc.
7. He loves me despite my flaws (and wrinkles) ;)
8. He puts our family first.
9. He still makes me laugh.
10. He watches Fixer Upper with me (and likes it!)

I love you, boo! Happy 8 years!

Oh, and M, consider this my anniversary card to you. ;)


  1. Happy anniversary!! We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in December. Super crazy. Where did time go??

  2. What a great list! He's a good man. Happy Anniversary!!


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