Blair's 3rd Birthday {Peppa Pig}

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The birthday pictures have arrived! My friend Mario Minwary did a great job capturing the day. My heart was swooning while looking through these and I hope yours does too. :)

I've mentioned this a time or two but Blair is all about Peppa Pig so I centered her 3rd birhtday party around that theme. I chose a color pallet to match the invites: magenta, blush, mint, white, and citrus. She actually asked me why there was no purple or orange (her faves) in the decor. Next year, Blair. Maybe.

Invitations were courtesy of Tiny Prints

I made the Peppa garland out of playing cards and created the "hooray" on my cricut.

Blooms purchased by the talented Lynnea Ruiz and arranged by me
Paper straws from etsy and attached by M :)
Some shaded seating for Blair's older guests. ;)
Just stop it! These two...
Don't get me started on my balloon drama. They either came with holes or lost their helium some other magic way. So frustrating. AND they were supposed yo be clear...not opaque. Sigh.
Tissue paper purchased on etsy which made for an easy/cheap backdrop.
Chocolate pudding with crushed Oreo on top made for some tasty muddy puddles!

My Peppa cookies turned out surprisingly well! Who wants to hire me... ;)

Found these gems at Ralps for $9. Holla!

Guests took home treat bags filled with taffy.
Peppa coloring sheets were actually a hit!
Someone was spoiled...
Busted our bounce house out again...a toddler's dream!
The birthday girl in all her sweetness. (shirt: old navy, skirt: carter's)
My loves. (crop top: target, skirt: old forever21, shoes: old dolce vita, necklace: old target)
Papa and Lala
Gramma and Grampa

Making a wish (for more cake I'm sure).

Oh to be three!
The End.
It was such a special day celebrating our awesome 3 year old. And since we are still not prego with number 2 (yet) I am able to lavish this precious girl with all my love, attention, time, and DIY birthday parties. ;) And I really think she not only likes that but needs that. God's got a plan for her and our family. He knows exactly how much time this sweet girl needs her Mama all to herself before she has to share. And I'm totally good with that. Happy birthday, Blair Olivia! You are seriously my favorite girl.


  1. Wow!!! You did an Awesome Job! I love the color scheme!

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous!!!!

  3. You did AWESOME! i have to ask where you bought the playing cards for the peppa garland?. my daughter will be 2 soon and I see a peppa party in my future! Yippee!!

  4. And also where did you find that adorable number 3 balloon??

  5. Oh wow! This is so cute. I absolutely love te tissue backdrop and those cookies are amazing! You did a great job pulling it all together and the theme is just perfect! So so cute. I live the upside down crate for the cake stand...genius I tell us!

  6. Such cute party! What shop did you get the tissue paper from? How did you make the backdrop?

    1. i purchased it from soiree supply on etsy. they have tons of colors! making it is super easy. just fold the paper in half and cut strips all the way to the top within an inch or two. voila! maybe i'll do a tutorial. :)

  7. So cute!! Did you decorate in the house at all or did you only decorate outside? I'm trying to figure out what I need for my daughter's 1st birthday in May and need all the help I can get!! For your daughter's first birthday, what kind of games or activities did you have for the babies, children, and adults?

  8. Ahhhh so beautiful, great job!! I can't believe our baby girls are 3 this year :( Time is flying!!!

  9. where did you find the confetti balloons!? im planning a peppa party for my daughter :) shes peppa obsessed!

    1. The balloons are from Amazon and u filled them with confetti I cut myself :)


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