Chobani Greek Yogurt Squeezies

Friday, March 27, 2015

     I'm always looking for yummy, healthy snacks for Blair. And while banana and almond butter is healthy in theory it's not the most convenient snack to take and eat on the go. Enter yogurt squeezies! More specifically, Chobani Yogurt Squeezies. I love a good healthy, convenient snack and Chobani just recently launched a line of healthy, tasty yogurt squeezies. Blair ate one in the grocery store yesterday (yup, I'm that Mom) and she approved!

I try to always choose snacks that are whole foods like cashews, raisins, string cheese etc. And what I like about Chobani Greek Yogurt is that they have only natural ingredients and way less sugar than the other brands. They also have a lot of protein (8 grams) to keep Blair full longer, which she needs for days at the park...

Can you spy DB?

Over here at the Bushman household we like to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into our daily lives. Blair definitely sees how important it is to get exercise. Since I'm at home with her I have the luxury of going to the gym at 11 am and taking her with me since it's not crowded then. We often run there since it's less than a mile from our house. She also sees firsthand what healthy food is by what we eat (eggs, avocado, fruit, lean meats, veggies etc). I don't make separate meals for her (unless she's starving and our dinner isn't ready yet) and we always make sure she tries something at least once before denying it.

With all this said don't get me wrong we love the occasional donut. But the key here is occasional. With me on the verge of type 2 diabetes my sugar binging days are over. :( I'm just thankful for companies like Chobani who make healthy lifestyles simpler for my little family. :)

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