Toddler Christmas Party

Monday, December 22, 2014

Man I love Christmas time! This weekend was packed with fun activities and great friends. On Friday I hosted a toddler cookie decorating party and hot coco bar. I wish I had taken before and after pictures because the mess was intense but SO worth it! I'll probably be vacuuming up sprinkles till Easter. ;)

Blair's masterpieces

And to top off the toddler party some of my friends and I had a mom's night out after party...

Dinner, drinks, and that's my kind of crew!
Oy, today I have to brave the mall. I have one teeny thing to get and then I'm DONE shopping. I'm hoping on a Monday it won't be too horrible. Happy Christmas week!


  1. How fun! We also hosted a Christmas breakfast with our toddler friends but I'm impressed you decorated cookies with them!

  2. super cute! I want to do a cookie party for K's bday next year. Hopefully the older toddlers will be less messy by then - doubtful.

  3. Cutest party EVER! And a moms night out after party seems well-deserved! :)


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