Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

With Christmas right around the corner I thought I would come up with a few gift ideas for the toddler girl. And while I'm sure Blair would be content without any gifts the kid/mommy in me can't help but spoil her a bit. :) Being a girl mom has rekindled my love of all things Disney princess. Pretty soon I'm going to be driving around with a Disneyland license plate frame and Frozen stickers all over the back of my car... (jk) but it is so fun!

Lately Blair is loving Little People, especially ways to transport them (plane, bus, train etc.). She also enjoys play-doh and cuts it with a plastic knife so I  think she will flip over the tools. There's not much time spent at home NOT in a princess dress so this should be a win. She loves reading and I adore the illustrations in these board books so I hope she does too! Frozen panties are to keep her going strong with potty training. Trying to keep Anna and Elsa dry is good encouragement. :) Dolls are always fun for her so I couldn't go wrong with that. Since we seem to lose bows on the reg I ordered some of these adorable ones! Grandma and Grandpa are surprising her with a balance bike and she's already been enjoying her nativity (Even though she keeps calling Jesus "Moses." Poor thing getting her Bible stories mixed up!) I also thought she would like a thomas train set and pots and pans for her kitchen.

And because these toys below are her absolute favorites I thought I would include them too for gift ideas...

I'm not really sure what boys are diggin' at this age but I hope this list was of some help to you! Happy shopping!


  1. The girls are getting princess dresses too! Elsa and Sleeping Beauty. Found them at They get really good reviews so I hope they hold up to the daily wear and tear. We'll be in town at Christmas. Princess play date?

  2. I cannot tell you how badly I want that little people nativity!!!!

  3. My parents are surprising my daughter with a Schwinn balance bike too! And I just picked up those clip Disney princesses last night at Target. Couldn't resist. Good list!


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