Christmas Recap

Monday, December 29, 2014

Did you all have a great Christmas?! So far with each passing year I enjoy Christmas more and more with Blair. She "gets it" now and helped us wrap gifts, set out cookies and milk for Santa (and carrots for Rudolph!), and drank hot cocoa while watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve. It truly was a magical Christmas for her (and us!).

Thanks Aunt Kerri for the cocoa set!

Yes, I caved and wrapped her gifts in Disney princess paper...She died.

Disney princesses are always a hit.

Another big win this Christmas was her "Little People" playground.
 After presents at our house we hit up Lala and Papa's for, surprise...more gifts!
Should have saved their money and got her pony rides on Papa's leg. Sigh.

No idea what is so exciting to Blair right here but I just love that face!

Four generations (five if you include Baby). ;)

The cutest little nephew!
After Blair's nap we headed over to Gramma and Grampa's house. 

B was thrilled to open her new bike. So far she likes riding it inside. ;)

And we were thrilled to open a painting by Matt's Cousin, Bobby Boss! It is of our college town, San Luis Obispo and I love it SO much!
What about you guys? What was your favorite gift? I was very spoiled and I can't say that I'm mad about it!


  1. Merry Xmas!!! I am so jealous of your painting of SLO!!! Would love to have that too!!

  2. Shoe details please on the last picture!! Too Cute!

    1. i got them at Nordstrom over the summer...they are by sam edelman!

  3. I wish Ellie like hot cocoa!! Looks like a fabulous Christmas!! How did B like her beach ball? And that painting is the greatest!!

    1. she LOVED it! i had a huge snafu with amazon delivering it to the wrong address and me having to race out and buy a new one on the 23rd...very difficlt with it being out of season! i ended up finding one at 5:55 in a pool supply store that closed at 6! the things we mommies do...

  4. Christmas only gets better and better as they get older! It's SO much fun!

    PS your bangs look great! I'm lovin em.

  5. OMG... I think we wrote the same blog post, hysterical! Wish these girls lived closer having such parallel lives, they would def be best buddies. Super cool painting too!


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