Will Smile for Food

Friday, November 14, 2014

Yesterday while the workers installed our new kitchen lighting (can't wait to reveal!)we went to a local donut shop because hello we couldn't cook and a banana with peanut butter was just no fun. I'm not surprised that Blair chose one with sprinkles... or that she picked out this headband to go with her outfit. :)

 We hung with my pal all day till nap time. What was supposed to be a cheap hang out sesh ended with a walk to Starbucks, lunch at a local deli, and dessert at a local bakery. Whoopsies! But man did we have fun (and eat a week's worth of calories)!

before I bribed her with going out to lunch
annnnnd after. not great but not crying...
before i told her we were going to the bakery to get a treat
annnnd after.
I'm starting to see a theme here. My child will (likely) perform for food. I wonder where she get's that from? ;) But seriously I can't catch a break with her hatred of picture taking and it's so annoying. I'm a blogger for goodness sake! Doesn't she understand that? Ha. With our Christmas card pictures happening this weekend it looks like I'm going to busy out a Christmas present early to get this stinking kid to smile. Desperate times call for desperate measures...

not pictured: the chocolate cake pop with an orange flower she chose as her treat
Not much to report on the infertility front. Had a good doctor's appointment on Monday in which the ultrasound showed that my lining looked good and I had one mature egg that was about to release. When I was taking Clomid I only ever had one mature egg as well so we have decided to stop doing Clomid since it doesn't do me any good. The doctor also said she didn't think IUI was necessary given all our chemical pregnancies. The chemical pregnancies (while annoying) show that at least my body is fertilizing. Now we just need one to stick! This month the only thing I am doing is taking Progesterone. Oh and praying praying praying. :) Have a happy weekend!


  1. looks yummy and like a good idea if you ask me. p.s. what does her shirt say? love the pic of her looking into the glass "you mean I can only pick one?"


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